Minimum charge per month is $150. or $450. quarterly.  The frequency of your reporting requirement is calculated into the rate we charge you.  There is an initial one time set up fee required to integrate your books on our system of $125. Please be advised that our bookkeeping charges, including set up fee, is contingent on our time, number of accounts, account activity, regularity of reporting and the condition of your records.  We can only provide an exact dollar amount of what we will charge you after we meet to discuss your business and review your records.  Standard Bookkeeping Service includes State sales and use tax reporting, 1099 reporting and other Federal/State reporting as required. 



The following schedule is applicable to our payroll services.  There is a minimum, one time, set up charge of $125.00.  Standard payroll service includes filing quarterly Federal and State reports, as well as year end reporting.  Fees include issuing payroll check(s) information and payroll taxes liabilities information. 

*Additional fee(s), based on frequency, our time and regularity, apply to administer payroll; for example:  direct deposit, issuing payroll check(s) and/or administering employer payroll taxes deposit(s).  Any monies for payroll related and/or payroll taxes related payments must be deposited with Tax Pro 305 LLC no less than 7 banking business days from the due date of check(s)/payment(s) to be expedited and/or payroll taxes deposit(s) due date; and drawn upon a local bank to assure that all check(s) will be honored by bank.  Cost of checks, any postage and/or any other related supplies/expenses are the responsibility of the client.


Standard hourly rates range from $35.00 per hour for clerical services to $150.00 per hour for professional services.